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As you deal with all of the problems that can happen with your business, you may be looking at just what may be involved in finding a commercial locksmith Brooklyn that is known for being honest and reliable. The next time that you need help from a dependable commercial locksmith, contact the company that has over a decade in business, a guaranteed 20 minute response, and a fully loaded van that allows each of our staff members to come right to you the moment that you need any sort of security, lock, or key assistance of any sort. That’s us!

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Why Choose Us for Your Brooklyn NY Commercial Locksmith Services?

If you are someone that is concerned about what it is that you are able to get for commercial locksmith services in Brooklyn NY, then we are the company that wants to assist you. We have years of experience and will do everything we can to take care of your needs. Are you looking to upgrade to a new security lock? Maybe you want a company on call that can take care of all of your commercial lockouts? Or maybe you just need to rekey all of your commercial door locks. Either way, we can take care of it all, and more!

An Brooklyn Locksmith Can Take Care of All Commercial Lockouts

We know that your company’s security is a major priority, and because of that, you want to know that you are working with an Brooklyn locksmith that will prioritize your safety, security, and whatever it is that you may need. If you’re dealing with any sort of commercial lockouts, then you want to have a locksmith near me Brooklyn that is reliable and will take care of things for you. Whenever you need help with any commercial lockouts, we will get one of our staff there to take care of you and the needs you may have.

We Can Update Your Commercial Door Locks

As you look at your commercial door locks and what can happen with them, you’ll find that there are a lot of different ways that you can get your protection upgraded. If you’re looking for a commercial locksmith Brooklyn that can work with you to find commercial door locks that will solve your security concerns, then contact us. We’ll help you to work out what it is that you may need, and then that locksmith can get you whatever it is that you want to up your security and help your business be safe no matter what happens.

We Can Get You The Most Advanced Security Lock System

You know that technology has gotten really advanced when it comes to dealing with a security lock system and all that entails. Because of that, you may be curious about what system options are currently available for you. If you talk to a locksmith commercial expert from our company, we can talk you through whatever options you may be considering and help you to find the best security lock system for whatever you may want to protect or take care of. Contact us today to learn more and to make an appointment.

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Commercial FAQ

Can a locksmith open any kind of building lock?

As security gets more complicated, locks, especially those made for commercial use, are becoming more complicated as well. Though there are many types of heavy duty commercial locks available, there aren’t many locks a locksmith won’t be able to gain access to. An expert locksmith will be able to get inside standard door locks almost instantly, but can pick a deadbolt and a lever lock too. Tougher locks like mortise locks and even electronic locks can be picked by a skilled locksmith with the right tools and experience.

What is the best quality grade for a commercial door lock?

Three grades are used to identify the durability and quality of locks and deadbolts. The highest grade is Grade 1. This is the maximum security grade available and is ideal for commercial door locks. They can withstand much more abuse than the average lock and must be able to still function after 10 hammer strikes. Grade 2 locks are not appropriate for heavy-duty commercial security needs but they are still offer much more protection than anyone outside of the commercial industry would need. Grade 3 locks are for residential buildings and are not enough protection for a commercial building.

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